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Yahoo Beats Google In July U.S. Web Traffic


According to market research and analytics group ComScore, Yahoo accomplished the unthinkable this July—surpassed Google in U.S. web traffic.

This is the first time since May 2011 that Yahoo edged out competitors for the top spot in ComScore’s monthly list. The ranking is a good sign for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who left Google last year to run the somewhat declining company.

“Yahoo’s showing is an important symbol that Mayer can rightfully point to as an indication that the company at least is no longer losing ground,” wrote Robert Hof, a contributor for Forbes. “Mayer herself noted during Yahoo’s quarter conference call that its traffic had risen in June from a year ago, which she said was unprecedented for an established company that had been on the decline.”

In a conference call with analysists last month, Mayer explained her vision for Yahoo as such: “Hire and retain a great team; build inspiring products that will attract users and increased traffic; that traffic will increase advertiser interest and ultimately translate to revenue.”

Analysts at ComScore are unsure of the exact reasons behind Yahoo’s stellar performance. The company garnered 196.6 million unique visitors in July, compared to Google’s 192.3 million visitors. The calculated numbers do not include traffic to blogging site Tumblr, which was acquired by Yahoo earlier this year for $1 billion.

“Seems there are other factors at play,” said ComScore in a statement to MarketingLand.

Also not included in ComScore’s numbers was data pertaining to mobile traffic, the absence of which Hof states could be “potentially huge.”

This is only the third month since April 2008 that Google did not occupy ComScore’s top stop in terms of American web traffic.

Sources: RT, USA Today


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