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Yes, I admit, once upon a time I was a member of the early 2000s internet fad otherwise known as Remember those days where everyone had a Xanga site? People blogging about their interests and hobbies, their personal trials, and there were even several users who used it as a means of getting their creative writing out into the public. 

I was a member of Xanga for nearly five years, starting in June 2005 under my original account name piperguy, which was shut down due to a dramatic change in my life and needing a fresh start a year later, and had several accounts after that. I eventually was known, and now my legacy there lives on, as mathematicalbagpiper, after which I left for good in March 2010. Even in my absence they still talk about me, some favorably, some not so favorably. My rise to stardom on Xanga came after I parodied Justin Timberlake's pop song "SexyBack" which got thousands of hits, "eProps," comments, and recommendations, plus a front page feature to top it all off. 

Yeah, once I made it big I started to see why Xanga is the fastest declining blogging site. Xanga is no longer the peaceful blogging site it once was. No more do people blog about their interests, their hobbies, their personal lives. No, it's become who can cause the most trouble and rack up the most comments and recommendations. It's who can start the most drama, who can tick off the big name Xangans the most. It's become a war about who's religion is right or whose political agenda is right. It's become a breeding ground and safe haven for internet trolls. It's just downright awful. 

You'd be surprised at the stuff I see there in the comments. You'd swear that you were listening to first graders fight about whose turn it is with the Nintendo! People are literally sucked into Xanga, if for anything just to make each other mad and try to start fights with other users, whom they don't even know in real life most of the time. Seriously, Xangans? Grow up, you're not in first grade anymore. Get a life and stop bickering with people who live thousands of miles away from you and whom you will never ever meet. Never have I seen such an immature group of people, and don't even get me started on Dan the Theologian (aka thetheologianscafe), I don't know how the hell he got so popular with his ridiculous stupid posts. 

Xanga has done nothing but turn ordinary, nice people into aggressive, hateful, bigoted individuals who are just all-out unpleasant to be around. Xanga: bringing out the worst in people since 2007. 


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