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World's First Vine Wedding Proposal Goes Viral

A wedding proposal on Vine has gone viral, as it seems to be the first one made on the video sharing app.

Curt Buthman, of Los Angeles, tweeted, "I love you! #WillYouMarryMe <3 #curtserv" to his girlfriend Marsha Collier. He also made a Vine video with the tweet, where he asked her to marry him and showed her the wedding ring.

Marsha, of course, said yes. 

Buthman used the hashtag curtserv because it was a hostage his girlfriend made in 2009. It turned out to become a popular Twitter chat that she used often.

"I was trying to run the #curtserv chat and then my mind totally froze," Marsha said. 

But soon, her mind unfroze, and she was able to tweet back her answer.

"Um, uh, YES @curtburthman - I will MARRY YOU! #curtserv" she tweeted.

Soon, Collier was flooded with responses from others who viewed the proposal.

Lori Moreno tweeted, "SHE SAID YES!!!!!! YAY! 4 #LOVE"

And user Social Fly said "#Twitter History!"

There's no word yet on when the wedding will be, but it is likely they will make the announcement online.

Curt Buthman@curtbuthman@marshacollier I love you! #WillYouMarryMe <3 #custserv

6:44 PM - 28 May 2013


Sources: Inquisitr, BuzzFeed


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