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World's First Life-Like Robotic Hand Invented

The world's first real-sized, five-fingered robotic hand, which can grab objects like a human hand, has been invented, according to scientists in Italy and Germany.

(This drawing not the robotic hand.)

The 'Dexmart Hand' can lift heavy loads and hold an Easter egg without breaking it. Light sensors are part of the 'Dexmart Hand' so that it can estimate the force needed for the fingers to grab an object without crushing or dropping it.

Researcher Claudio Melchiorri, of the University of Bologna in Italy, told AFP: "We used the human hand as our model.This provides the ultimate example of dextrous manipulation."

Researcher Gianluca Palli added: "The capability of the robotic hand is so near to that of humans that the vision of robots as personal assistants in the household, in the operating room as well as in industrial settings is becoming ever more realistic."


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