2, 000 Workers Fight at Foxconn: Chinese Plant Makes Apple iPhones

A huge fight broke out between workers at the Foxconn plant, a major supplier for Apple iPhones, which caused Foxconn's stock price to fall almost three percent on Monday.

The brawl apparently happened Sunday night at the manufacturing plant in Taiyuan, China, and involved 2,000 employees. A police statement said that 5,000 officers were dispatched to the scene.

A staff member at the Taiyuan plant told Reuters that the Foxconn plant makes parts for and assembles Apple's iPhone 5.

Xinhua reports that the fight was "drawing a large crowd of spectators and triggering chaos."  Reports say that about 40 people were injured.

Fox News reports:

Foxconn has faced scrutiny over workers' complaints about wages and working hours. The company raised minimum pay and promised in March to limit hours after an auditor hired by Apple found Foxconn employees were regularly required to work more than 60 hours a week.

Satish Lele, vice president at Frost and Sullivan Asia Pacific, told CNBC: "There are conflicting views on the extent of the damage and until we know, the stock could be under pressure."

Lele added that Foxconn and Apple have been under pressure to improve working conditions: "They instituted a lot of audits in the past year to improve working conditions and I think this pressure will continue to grow. Until now, most of the contract manufacturers have been able to get away with its working conditions. Now with more exposure to media, it will be very difficult to maintain their image."


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