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Woman Says Computer Tech Uploaded Her Nude Pictures to Web, Files Lawsuit

University of Alabama student Nicole March claims that a member of Best Buy's Geek Squad posted her nude photos on the web after fixing her computer.

March has filed a lawsuit against Best Buy, claiming that she is "devastated and humiliated" by the incident.

Her lawyers claim the pictures were taken for an art project at school where she was studying the human form.

According to March's lawsuit, she took her computer to a Best Buy store in Tuscaloosa, Ala., to fix the hard drive in August 2011. March also works at the same Best Buy.

However, in May of this year, she was told by a different Geek Squad worker that nude pictures of her were on the Internet, notes

March's lawsuit claims an unidentified Geek Squad employee took the photos from her computer, uploaded them to the web and linked to the pictures via Pirate Bay — a popular bit torrent file-sharing site.

She complained to the police, but the statute of limitations had expired. She complained to Best Buy, whose manager identified the Geek Squad member, but they would not tell March who it was.

Best Buy told March it would try to get the pictures off the web, but there is no guarantee this can be done.

March's lawsuit claims Best Buy invaded her privacy and was negligent in the supervision and training of its employees.

A Best Buy representative said the company is waiting to see a copy of the lawsuit.



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