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Woman Jailed For Creating Fake Facebook Accounts That Led To Arrest Of Father, Stepmother

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A woman was jailed for nearly two years after she set up numerous fake Facebook accounts that led to the arrest of her stepmother. 

The woman, 24-year-old Michelle Chapman, claimed to local police officials that she was being sexually harassed and trolled online by her father Roy Jackson and her stepmother Louise Steen. After an investigation by forensic internet experts determined that the social media accounts had actually been set up at Chapman’s home, the woman herself was arrested.

According to the Mirror News, Chapman was subsequently jailed for 20 months. 

This Is Cornwall reports that Chapman made eight written statements to law enforcement officials between February and October of 2011 regarding the abusive messages she was allegedly receiving from her father and stepmother, which she claimed were of a “very unpleasant sexual nature.”

In response to Chapman’s complaint, her stepmother Steen was arrested and questioned. The mix-up was eventually detected, and Chapman herself was sentenced for forging evidence. 

Law enforcement official Philip Lee claimed that Chapman’s actions were intended as a sort of revenge against her father. 

“She said that she wanted revenge on her father for matters in the past ... she wanted to make their life hell,” Lee said. 

Martin Pearce, Chapman’s attorney, had a different reasoning behind his client’s actions, claiming that she has suffered from mental health issues. 

“She says she wishes she had not done it and she says she understands the impact on the victims,” Pearce said.

Chapman’s husband Glyn claimed that he understands his wife needs mental help. 

“She is the victim, she has mental health issues and it was a cry for help. She has not had the help she needs. This is what you do when you’re in desperate, desperate need of help - you scream out,” Glyn said. 


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