Wisconsin Man Banned From The Internet After Sending Sex-Seeking Men To Neighbor's House

Wisconsin man Jason Willis has been banned from the Internet after playing a twisted practical joke on his neighbor.

Willis posted an ad on Craigslist pretending to be his female neighbor Dawn. The ad asked men to show up at Dawn’s house for sex. Willis used his neighbor’s name, address, and contact information in the ad.

Sure enough, men started showing up at Dawn’s house. One eager responder showed up in nothing but a trench coat.

“[Willis’] idea of a joke is much different to other peoples’ idea of a joke,” Dawn said.

“He had my full name," Dawn said of the man who showed up to her home in a trench coat. "He knew my address. And he said, ‘Oh, I got it off of Craigslist. You put an ad on there.’”

Dawn reported the incident to detectives. Some quick research found Willis posted numerous ads across the web asking men to come to Dawn's house for sex. They tracked the IP address behind the ads to Willis’ home.

On Tuesday, Willis accepted a plea deal for the charges. He will be disallowed access to the Internet for 30 days and will be on probation for 30 months. 

Presiding Judge Allan Torhorst compared Willis’ dangerous use of the Internet to a drunk driver’s use of a car.

“If you want to drive drunk, you’re not allowed to drive,” Torhorst said. “To me, a public availability of the Internet—to use it the way he did—is unconscionable. Everybody knows it’s wrong. He knew it was wrong. He admitted it.”

Sources: JRN, Metro


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