Video: Sex Tape From 'Girl Town Expresso' Hits Web, Causes Closure


In Lynnwood, Washington, the 'Girl Town Expresso' was shut down on Friday after graphic images of people having sex in the shop hit the web.

The pornographic images showed Rick Summer, the owner of the expresso, having sex with his girlfriend. Summers claims that pictures are old and the stand was closed at the time: "We just got caught up in the moment and I had no idea that (cameras were rolling)."

His expresso is packed with video cameras, as his website offers a live stream of his bikini-clad baristas serving coffee. Summers claims that the website was supposed to be shut down during his sexual activity. He says a hacker got into the site and stole the images.

The images were forwarded to the Snohomish County Health District, which launched an investigation into the business and decided to shut the stand down.

Officials discovered that one of the stand's employees didn't have a food worker's card, a definite violation, but allowed the bikini barista to reopen on Saturday, much to the great relief of Lynnwood residents.


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