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Video: Possible UFO Flies Above Moon's Surface

YouTube user danchek2013 has uploaded a video (below), which appears to show a mysterious object flying over the surface of the moon.

The object reportedly flies over the shadowy landscape of the moon and then cruises over some craters in the light. Then the object changes direction and heads towards the bottom, reports the Daily Mail.

YouTubers are debating whether or not the object is a UFO.

YouTube user King Dennis Jensen wrote:  "At first I was like 'meh another satellite' and then one more showed up faster than the other and it did all those swift angle movements.. Quite interesting indeed."

User Nathan5638 wrote: "That's legit people!"

However, user Deepcut66 wrote: "It could so easily be CGI (computer generated imagery). They are just little smudges."

So far, the YouTube video has more than 80,000 views.


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