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Video: Milo Danger Builds Homemade Drone

A man who goes by the alias of 'Milo Danger' has gone public with his homemade drone, which can can shoot targets with pinpoint accuracy while flying 15 feet off the ground.

Danger uploaded a video (below) of his drone to YouTube earlier this month. Entitled 'Citizen Drone Warfare,' the video has received over 100,000 views.

Danger told the Washington Times: "If the question is, ‘How easy is it to fly this drone?’ The answer is, ‘terrifyingly easy.' The first time we flew it, we were able to put all of the paintball ammunition into a target 50 yards away from the operator and 15 yards from the [drone] in an area the size of a dinner plate.”

Danger said he built the drone in 12 hours and for under $2000: “It was up and flying within a couple of sessions of working on it, and that’s including trial and error and making mistakes."

“There would be some practical physical considerations to mounting a real gun. I don’t think it would have problems staying in the air with many smaller firearms.”

For his drone, Danger mounted a paintball pistol weighing 2 pounds, but added: “Many pistols have significantly greater recoil. However, some guns have very little. And the onboard computer for the drone tries to keep itself level even if you try to knock it out of the air."

In the video, Danger admits that while equipping an unmanned aerial vehicle with a firearm is “almost certainly a felony."

"If this is what a novice with a small budget can accomplish, clearly this technology has a lot of potential. Considering the growing popularity of these DIY devices, it seems inevitable that they are going to be used in ways that the inventors and manufacturers could have never imagined. It may not be exactly Skynet, but clearly we are entering into an age where drones are going to dominate the skies over the U.S. and the world.”


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