Kony 2012 'Cover the Night' Planned for Tonight April 20

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A follow-up to the controversial "KONY' video, which drew attention to a brutal warlord in Uganda and caused controversy, 'KONY 2012: Part II – Beyond Famous,' was posted on YouTube (below) on April 4 by the organization 'Invisible Children.'

Invisible Children has planned a "Cover the Night" event for tonight -- Friday, April 20 -- to help publicize the new video and encourage people to contact elected officials to urge the capture of Joseph Kony and participate in local community service.

According to the Washington Times: The video asks individuals to gather their friends, perform three hours of local community service, and participate in guerilla-style visibility projects by creating visual displays in the community. Examples shown in the video include hanging banners from buildings, stenciling the KONY 2012 logo on streets, and painting murals on walls. There is also a disclaimer that no one should break the law while doing so. It drives the viewer toa website to register.

Joseph Kony is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes such as abducting children for use as fighters and sex slaves. Both the Bush and Obama administrations have sent millions of dollars in aid to Uganda to capture him.

The 'KONY 2012 Part II' video had been viewed 1.8 million times, compared to the original KONY video which has been viewed over 88 million times.

The first KONY video was criticized for trying to profit off the warlord's name. Invisible Children charity co-founder Jason Russell has faced a variety of legal problems.


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