Video: Judge Wade McCree Brags About Sexting Picture to Married Bailiff

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Detroit Circuit Judge Wade McCree recently shed his robe and sent a partially nude photo of himself, from the waist up, to a married court bailiff's cell phone (video below).

Her husband found the photo on her phone and filed a complaint to the judicial review board.

The married McCree was proud when confronted with the photo and told MyFoxDetroit: “Hot dog, yep that’s me."

He said that there’s “nothing nude about it” since it shows him only from the waist up. He also bragged that he’s sent the photo to many ladies.

Ironically, McCree is a judge in sexual misconduct cases on Detroit's 3rd Circuit.

No word from his wife on her feelings on the matter.

McCree made news a few years ago when he sentenced some deadbeat dads to watch episodes of Maury “to hold up a mirror” to show them how foolish their behavior seemed.

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