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Video: "Jetman" Yves Rossy Flies Over Grand Canyon

No, it wasn't a bird or a plane flying over the Grand Canyon over the weekend. It wasn't even Superman. But it was a super man -- a Swiss adventurer wearing a jet suit.

Yves Rossy has been appropriately dubbed "Jetman" for his daring flights all over the world. Last week he decided to conquer the Grand Canyon.

The Daily Mail reports he was supposed to go on Friday, but he did not get FAA approval in time. So it was pushed back to Saturday.

This time there were no problems, and Rossy stepped off of a hovering helicopter, turned on the jets and took a spectacular eight-minute flight over a five-mile radius.

Rossy's custom-built jet suit weighs 120 pounds and has a 79-inch wing span. It averages speeds of 125 mph and has four engines.

When it was all over, the 51-year-old pulled his parachute and landed safely on the canyon floor.

Check out the video:


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