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Video: Jan Stewart's Home has 65K Christmas Lights, Neighbors Trying to Shut it Down

Jan Stewart's Christmas display on her Fountain Valley, California home features a staggering 65,000 Christmas lights (video below).

Hundreds of people travel every night to see it, but her neighbors want to pull the plug, reports KCAL-9 News.

Neighbor Joe Flanagan told KCAL-9 News: “It’s more appropriate for the Las Vegas Strip. It’s not that we’re opposed to Christmas, it’s just too much.”

However, Stewart defends the display as a tribute to her late husband, Larry: “We said, ‘We gotta do that someday, we gotta do that.’ Last year was the year, and then he didn’t make it. He died May 15 of mesothelioma cancer... It’s Christmas. We don’t do this all the time,”

While some neighbors have complained about Stewart’s lights to the Fountain Valley City Council, she’s only received a noise violation ticket for the music that plays with the lights.

Damion Rodriguez, the lights' designer, said it takes a month to put together, 650 hours to produce and costs $50,000.


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