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Video: First Pizza Order Made by Computer

Nowadays people take ordering things with the help of an electronic appliances for granted, but this was not always the case. Vintage video of a computer uttering one of the most important phrases in human history, “I’d like to order a pizza,” has recently surfaced, according to The Daily Mail.

Ordered by a CDC 6500 computer, the first pizza ever ordered with the aid of a machine was topped with pepperoni, ham, sausage and mushrooms.

The footage was shot on a Saturday night in December of 1974 at the Artificial Language lab at Michigan State University. The alumnus who developed the program which allowed the computer to call for the delicious snack was Donald Sherman, an advocate for the disabled. Sherman began developing the program because he suffered from an ailment which made it difficult for him to pronounce certain sounds and would make ordering something like a pizza difficult.

The first two attempts to order the pizza in question were made by placing calls to Domino’s and both ended in hang-ups. Undaunted, Sherman used the computer to call local establishment Mr. Mike’s and met with a similar result the first two times he rang. However, the third time was the charm.

After explaining to Mr. Mike’s assistant manager that the strange voice was an experimental method of communications during the third call to the restaurant, Sherman and his team had enough time (and patience on the other end of the phone) to complete their order. Although Mr. Mike’s is no longer in business, the memory of the restaurant and the 16-inch, $6.50 pizza it served up because of a computer’s call, lives on.

Ever since that night 38 years ago, Michigan State has been at the forefront of creating communication devices. Ironically enough, even though pizza mega chain Domino’s was unable to successfully field the first call from a computer, it announced in June that it had surpassed $1 billion in sales over a one year period. iPhone and Android users can now order pizzas via an app. How things have changed.

(The Daily Mail)


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