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Video: Controversial Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Commercial Sexualizes Santa Claus

Critics say that a new commercial (video below) for the Samsung Galaxy smartphone sexualizes Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.

The ad shows Santa loading his sleigh and saying goodbye to two elves who tell him they’ve made a farewell video for him.

Mrs. Claus tells Santa: "I also made you a video, but you probably shouldn’t watch it on the sleigh,” suggesting the video is a sex tape, reports

With a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, Mrs. Claus shares the video by touching her phone to her husband’s and clicking a button.

The conservative media watchdog site recently complained:

Perhaps while Santa was busy making toys, Mrs. Claus has been whiling away the North Pole nights reading “50 Shades of Gray,” or reaching out to a certain former Democratic congressman from New York?

The ad is one Christmas image viewers could have done without. But using icky sex to sell products is apparently the “new normal” for advertisers.


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