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Unlock Your Apple iPhone 5s With Your Finger, Nipple, Or Private Parts

Apple’s new iPhone 5s opens a wave to a new set of interesting Touch ID fingerprinting that has users buzzing.

People skeptical of how secure their iPhones are with just their fingerprints can try a slew of methods that includes the usage of something warm and fleshy, like a cat’s paw, a dog’s paw, a toe, and now, a nipple.

A video from the Japanese news site Rocket News shows a man registering the impression of his nipple on his iPhone and then successfully unlocking the handset with it. The video then shows another individual failing to unlock the iPhone with his unregistered nipple.

Apple allows user to register up to five separate prints that can then be used to unlock the phone, or to make purchases through iTunes.

Andrew Couts, of Digital Trends, wanted to test the limits of these alternative methods.

“Based on my experiments, I found that knuckles will work – though it is much more difficult to register a knuckle than it is a fingerprint,” Couts wrote.

After he found that elbows “failed entirely,” he decided to go with the most secure body part he could think of.

“All I will say is that I had to take off my pants,” he wrote. “Unlike the knuckle and elbow, however, registering my nether region was a breeze… And not only did I successfully register this private part with relative ease, I was also able to use it to unlock the device.”

So far, these unusual ways to secure someone’s iPhone have proven to be effective, as the phones have been seen rejecting the same body parts from other people.

Apple has yet to issue any response to the news, according to The Independent. It’s not certain how seriously the company will take these forms of identification hacks.

Below is Rocket News’ video of a man unlocking his iPhone 5s with his nipple.

Sources: The Independent, Rocket News, Digital Trends


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