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Undercover Police Officer Nicole Rizzi Blows Cover on Social Media Sites

Washington, D.C., police officer Nicole Rizzi reportedly went undercover as “Missy" and attended protests organized by the group United Students Against Sweatshops (USDS).

According to In These Times, Rizzi blew her own cover by mentioning she worked undercover on Twitter and Tumblr and posting pictures of her police work on Instagram and Yfrog.

In These Times posted this picture of fake protester “Missy” on the left with a picture from Rizzi’s now-deleted Twitter page on the right.

Rizzi reportedly mentioned numerous times about being a police officer on her Twitter page and posted pictures of mail addressed to the Washington, D.C., Police Department on Yfrog. She even talked about her undercover police dress code on her now-deleted Tumblr page.

According to In These Times:

USAS and its lawyers have numerous pieces of evidence placing Rizzi at protests under a pseudonym. District of Columbia Public Employee Information List records obtained by In These Times confirm that Rizzi has been on the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) force since December of 2003.

USAS filed suit on Monday against the District of Columbia seeking an injunction to stop police from spying on the group’s activities.

Source: In These Times


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