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Ty Morin to Meet All 788 of His Facebook Friends in Documentary 'Friend Request: Accepted'

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Facebook friends tend to pile up quickly and become forgotten as the time passes. One person added years ago from high school will soon be lost in the sea of new college and work friends. But one user of the social networking site plans to reconnect with all of his Facebook friends in real life in his new documentary.

Ty Morin thinks our society has focused too much on social media, and this has created weaker bonds between us as it becomes easier to forget about old friends. Even when we do reconnect with old friends on the site, the conversation tends to be quick and meaningless.

Morin wants to bring back the alternative to social media, which is reconnecting in real life. After receiving funds for the project through Kickstarter, he is now setting off on a three year journey to visit all 788 of his Facebook friends in person, taking their portrait while they do what they love.

Called “Friend Request: Accepted,” Morin will take his passion of photography to capture his friends doing what they’re passionate about.

“The idea is to capture everyone doing something they are passionate about, while filming the whole process...I want to sit down with everyone and witness what gets their blood pumping,” he said.

Many of his friends have unique interests, ensuring an entertaining documentary. One is a firefighter, one uses fire to sculpt art, one is a modern dancer and one is a weight lifter. But that doesn’t even make a dent in the hundreds of others he is soon to meet.

And meeting half of them will be a new experience altogether, as he said he hasn’t met 50 percent of his nearly 800 friends.

He won’t be doing a quick meet-and-greet either, as he opted to ditch the digital camera method for an analog approach. He will be taking all portraits with an old 8X10 camera.

“The process of shooting with this camera is long and tedious,” Morin said. “It can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but it also allows me to spend time with these people. Each portrait takes an hour to complete.”

“My plan is to take five new portraits every week...it will take approximately three years.”

He estimated the costs associated with making it would be about $5,000, so he made that his Kickstarter goal. But he has surpassed that goal, and now has $12,500.

Though he has more than double his goal, he is still faced with an extraordinarily difficult task with many unexpected turns.

“I’ll roll with the punches,” he promised on Kickstarter, “making this my number one priority until it’s Sundance material.”

As his project becomes more popular, he gets more adds on Facebook.

He started with 788 Facebook friends and is now up to 1,200.



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