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Two Anti-Obamacare Websites Try To Stop Alaskans From Enrolling In Health Insurance

In Alaska, two anti-Obamacare websites with connections to national conservative groups are trying to prevent people who live in the state from signing up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

According to the Alaskan Dispatch, Know the Facts Alaska and Don’t Enroll Alaska are the two sites delaying registration in Don’t Enroll is clearly anti-Obamacare, while Know the Facts is neutral but provides deceptive information on the law.

Both websites have are working together to stop the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s signature healthcare reform law.

The creators of the website are nowhere to be seen on either site, and both used domain name privacy services.

The Alaskan Dispatch reported that there are hints that both sites are linked:

  • They were created within minutes of each other, a fact first pointed out by Alaska Commons.
  • Their Facebook pages were created on the same day.
  • Television advertisements for both websites run within the same commercial break.
  • And the websites are nearly identical in their layout and font selections.

The two websites and its Facebook pages do not have an email that people can contact. For more information, Know the Facts let people register their emails on sign-up forms, and others can pledge on Don’t Enroll not to enroll in the insurance health exchange.

The Know the Facts site encourages Alaskans to hold off on enrolling, saying: “You might want to wait and see if other enrollees are happy with how the new federal exchange plans are run before you drop your current plan. There will also be more enrollment opportunities in the future.”

The deadline to register for health care and avoid paying a fine is Feb. 15, 2014, which may be pushed back depending on whether the Obama administration can get online marketplaces operating, and if a large number of people have been able to enroll.

After that date people will have to pay a fine of either one percent of their taxable annual household income or $95 per person, according to Alaska Commons.


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