Twitter Has a New Mobile Patent, But Will Only Use it Defensively

Twitter now has a patent for their mobile interface, but they say they will only use it for defensive purposes.

This means the site owns the "refresh" function which Twitter has on mobile platforms, enabling a user to pull down a page to bring it current.

But Twitter said they will not use the patent for lawsuits unless they are attacked by someone else who wants to take action on them.

They said the control of the patent will lie with the engineers and designers who made the technology. In this case, control for "user interface mechanics" would be developer Loren Brichter.

If the company decides to use the patent to sue another company, it would require permission from Brichter to do it, according to their agreement.

"This promise stays with the patent: a signed copy of the IPA is kept in the public files for the patent where anyone can see it. We plan on using the IPA on all of our issued patents," Twitter legal director Benjamin Lee said. 

Lawsuits are filed all the time in social media, but this new patent is a way for Twitter to avoid unnecessary legal action.

"We hope the adoption of the IPA will spur constructive dialogue on making patent system work better for companies, investors, and policymakers alike," Lee said.

Twitter is hoping that they will set off a trend of social media site using IPA to stop the problem of legal matters that shouldn't exist. 

Sources: Inquisitr, CNET


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