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Tom Acton, 16, Kills Himself After Being Falsely Accused of Rape on Facebook

Tom Acton, 16, bravely stood up to a group of young drug dealers that were preying on young people in his Cheshire, England neighborhood.

Acton went to the police and informed them that the group was doing deals; unfortunately, when the dealers found out, they started to harass the teenager.

According to reports, Acton became a victim of relentless bullying, physical harassment and horrific rumors as a result of turning in the drug dealers. Eighteen-year-old Thomas Greenwood reportedly assaulted the teenager and threatened his life. Around the same time, angry peers on Facebook started a rumor that Acton tied a girl to a tree and raped her.

“I can no longer walk down the street as everyone calls me a rapist,” said Acton to police following Greenwood’s attack. “I wish I wasn’t here.”

Just days before he was set to appear in court to testify against Greenwood, Acton was found critically injured in his home from self-harm with a razor blade. Three days later, Acton died in the hospital.

Acton’s mother Gaynor is now saying that not enough action was taken by authorities to prevent her son’s death.

“Two weeks ago my son Tom died in tragic circumstances at home,” said Gaynor at a local parish meeting. “What you won't know is that he had given information to police about drug dealers in Poynton. He was bullied, pressured and then threatened. Poynton was not a safe place for Tom. We tried to take the issue to the authorities but were not taken seriously. I came to the council in April for help and you did nothing. I want people suffering what Tom suffered to have the confidence to speak out. Ours is a middle class area and is supposed to be safer than safe yet I believe that means the community is too frightened to speak out when something goes wrong. It's not the image those in authority in Poynton want to portray.”

“When Tom died we had over 200 cards with everyone saying what a good friend he was and how he would help everyone but no one was there to help him in his darkest hours,” continued Gaynor.

Greenwood apparently admitted to attacking Acton, but claims that he knows nothing about the false rape rumors.


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