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Three Teens Launch Police Accountability App ‘Five-O’ (Video)

Three Georgia teens are launching an app called Five-O to help citizens document their experiences with law enforcement across the U.S.

Siblings Caleb, Asha and Ima Christian of Decatur created the app, which allows users to rate law enforcement, rank the officer’s level of professionalism and even transfer recorded information on police encounters to the department, which can be used in cases where legal action is taken.

Users can input all relevant data including demographic information.

“We’d like to know which regions in the US provide horrible law enforcement services as well as highlight the agencies that are highly rated by their citizens,” saidIma, a high school senior. “In addition to putting more power into the hands of citizens when interacting with law enforcement, we believe that highly rated police departments should be used as models for those that fail at providing quality law enforcement services.”

Asha, 15, says they hope the app will give parents peace of mind.

“We expect that all parents will want this app for themselves and their kids,” she said. “We hope it will be one of the must have apps on your mobile devices. Our goal is to make the app available to anyone, anywhere in the United States.”

Sources: ThinkProgress, Madame Noire


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