Mark Cuban on the Future of Facebook Like Button


I hit the like button on pages all the time.  I like your picture.  I like the fact you had fun on your vacation. It doesn’t mean I want to get into a long involved conversation or see all your vacation pictures.

I like the jeans you are selling on your website . I like them because I already own a pair.  I am not giving you permission to contact me and try to sell me something or to suggest to my friends that they should buy them because I like them.

I like the book you just read. I would like to buy a copy. It would save me time if by liking this book someone would contact me from Amazon with a link to quickly allow me to buy it.

“Liking” something can have any number of meanings.  Unless FB comes up with a solution for the problems caused by the misinterpretation of these meanings, the Like button will quickly become a nuisance.

So whats the solution ?


Let us click on the Like button until the color and meaning we agree with shows up.

A green like button with the word (BUY) next to it would send a message to the website to send me a link to allow me to buy it now

A yellow like button with the word (Info) next to it would send a message to the website to send me general information

A red like button with the word (Stop) could send the message to leave me alone. I just wanted to say I liked it.

There are lots of colors that can offer lots of different action/non action suggestions.  Cycling through them when you click the like button would be easy. Sending the appropriate information to a monitoring program would be easy.

It’s the Like 2.o solution .

And while FB is at it, can we do the same thing for Poke…..



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