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Thanks to Blizzard, Online Holiday Shopping Hits Record

More people are staying home to shop than ever before, and online retailers can thank the Northeast blizzard for part of the spending spree.

The monitoring company comScore reports that for the first 56 days of the November to December 2010 holiday season, Americans spent a record $30.81 billion online, a 13% increase over last year.

The week before Christmas saw $2.45 billion in spending, 17% more than last year. The massive snow storm over the weekend helped push post-Christmas spending to record levels.

Computer hardware, such as iPads, book readers and laptops, ranked as the top growing category, up 23% over last year. Books and magazines were up 22%, followed by consumer electronics, up 21%.

And the spending is not over -- New Years sales are expected to push the final holiday figure to $32.4 billion.


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