Texas Library First Ever All-Digital Facility

A facility in Texas is set to become first ever all-digital library, as it will only offer books you can read on Kindle and similar devices.

Many have called it a "Bookless" library, but since the library will still provide books, "paperless" may be more appropriate.

The library cost $1.5 million and was built in Bexar County. It will start out with 100 e-readers and hold 10,000 digital titles, available to library-goers via their home computers and digital devices.

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff noted the library will look a lot like an Apple store. "If you want to get an idea what it looks like, go into an Apple store," he said. The plans for the library were first announced in early 2013.

Though many people are upset about the disappearance of physical books, project coordinator Laura Cole said it is the key to bringing books to low-income areas of the county that currently do not have access to libraries.

"For us, it was just an obvious solution to a growing problem," she said. "We've had to look to how we provide services to these unincorporated areas. While the city does a beautiful job in providing public libraries, these can only easily be used by people living there."

Many areas of Bexar County have never had a public library, so Cole thinks the benefits will be substantial.

"I think we're at an advantage there," she said. "They've never had a library with books - there's not even a bookstore here."

Sources: Salon, ABC


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