Teen Scammed Into Buying Photo of Xbox One Gifted Real Console


After being scammed into buying a picture of an Xbox One, British teenager Peter Clatworthy was refunded and given a free console by an electronics store.

Clatworthy was planning on surprising his four-year-old son with the console for Christmas, and purchased what he believed to be an actual console for more than $700 on eBay.

Instead, Clatworthy received a picture of the console.

While eBay gave him a refund for the purchase, Clatworthy felt that Christmas wouldn’t be the same without an Xbox One.

When an CEX outlet in Mottingham heard about the story, the company stepped in and gifted him the console, which is sold out in the UK.

"All I wanted was a refund,” Clatworthy, who was overwhelmed, said. “I cannot believe this.”

CEX assistant manager David Draycott said that he was pleased to offer the Xbox One to Clatworthy, and that the store was always looking for something good to do for the community.

“Hopefully Peter and his son will both be able to enjoy this together,” Draycott said.

Sources: Metro, The Huffington Post


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