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Study: OkCupid Dating Site is Popular with Cheaters

The dating website OkCupid appears to be a prime target for cheaters, says a new study called "To Catch A Cheater.", which did the study, created 40 fake profiles of men and women (20 each) who identified themselves as "brazen cheaters," "married maybes," "recently taken" and "sincerely singles."

The 40 fake daters "lived" in Oklahoma City, Miami, Houston, Austin, Texas, and Washington D.C., which were identified as the "most adulterous U.S. cities" by the cheater site Ashley Madison.

The female "brazen cheaters" received 998 messages from men, while "sincerely singles" got 890, "married maybes" landed 355 and the "recently taken" gals came in with 284, noted the Daily Mail.

One fake female "Brazen Cheater" wrote: "My profile lists me as single, but I'm not going to lie to you, I AM in a relationship right now. I'm here because I want to meet someone new but I don't want my current partner to know about it."

A potential beau sent her a message: "You are the most striking woman I have laid eyes on in years. Let me know if I can fill any holes in your relationship for you."

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