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Student Craig Keefe Files Suit After Being Kicked Out of School for Facebook Posts

A nursing student in Minnesota recently filed a lawsuit against his nursing school for kicking him out over “disturbing posts” on his Facebook page.

Craig Keefe, 37, is suing Central Lakes College in an effort to receive reinstatement into the nursing program and monetary damages resulting from his expulsion in December of last year. He was one semester away from graudating.

Keefe filed the suit on February 8. It explains that the school and administrators conspired to violate the student’s constitutional rights to privacy, free speech and due process. The suit also says that they violated his Fourth Amendment protection against unlawful search and seizure.

“These are not posts that are open to the public,” his attorney, Jordan Kushner, said. “Apparently, a student complained, and they would not tell him how they got into his Facebook page.”

Keefe was called into a meeting with a supervisor of the school’s nursing program on December 5. She and dean Beth Adams told him about the inappropriate posts on his account, which included the phrase “stupid b**ch” and “a comment about there not being enough whiskey for anger management.”

He was then asked if he could explain the comments, but they would not show him the documents. Keefe told them the whiskey comment was a joke and that he tried to delete comments after his private account was hacked “a couple of weeks ago.”

They then showed him a stack of papers which contained all of the posts deemed “inappropriate” and “disturbing,” and told him that he was expelled from the program.

A letter was sent to Keefe explaining he had been dismissed due to “Behavior unbecoming of the profession and transgression of professional boundaries.”

Then he was allegedly given five days to appeal the ruling to vice president for academic affairs Kelly McCalla, but McCalla would not give him the documents containing his inappropriate Facebook posts.

Keefe also explained that McCalla told Keefe he was not eligible to appeal the decision last month because he was “removed for an ‘academic’ rather than ‘disciplinary’ reason.”

The suit names Adams, nursing school supervisor Connie Frisch, and McCalla as defendants in the suit, along with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities chancellor Steven Rosenstone.



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