Sprint, AT&T Waiving Overage Fees for Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Oklahoma City residents have dealt with enough in the past few days, and AT&T is recognizing it, as they are not forcing them to pay for any call overages.

On Tuesday, the wireless company announced that the overage charges for the area will be suspended through the end of June.

The company said they realize residents are calling friends and family to check in on their loved ones. The amount of calls coming and going is likely higher than any given AT&T customer in the area is used to, so they expect that to lead to them going over their plan limits.

A representative from AT&T suggested using text message instead of voice because they may encounter call traffic problems, but if it is necessary, they don't have to worry about making phone calls.

They are planning on adding additional resources if they are needed so they can reduce cell congestion.

Customers of AT&T who also want to donate money to the victims can text "REDCROSS" to 90999. This results in a $10 addition to your wireless bill.

There were at least 91 people killed when the tornado hit. Many neighborhoods were destroyed.

Sprint is also going to waive late fees, overage charges for text, voice, data and roaming fees until June 30. They are also offering discounts on chargers to those who need to charge their phones.

It is expected that other wireless providers will offer similar discounts and benefits for those suffering from the Oklahoma tragedy.

Sources: CNET, Inquisitr


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