For Some People Size Still Matters


Several years ago we were trying to make everything smaller, at least in terms of our gadgets and technology, but we sacrificed a great deal for our travel-sized, space savers.  To make matters worse, most of our technology and electronics become obsolete or upgraded less than a year after purchase.  Apple's Mac Mini is one of those cutesy, little, space saving pieces of tech many opted for but the sacrifice for many was memory space.  Other World Computing is doing a little course correcting for Mac Mini owners.

OWC has announced the DIY Kit which will allow owners to add a second internal hard drive or high-performance solid state drive.  This will give users the ability to add and OWC Mercury 6G SSD up to 480GB in capacity with real-world sustained data raes of up to 559MB/s.  Mac Mini owners will also be able to double factory RAM with the 16GB MaxRAM from OWC.

OWC DIY Kit for 2011 Mac mini Includes:

•       OWC 5-Piece Mini Toolkit
•       Logic Board Removal Tool
•       4 Rubber Grommets
•       4 Hex Screws
•       Mac mini Flex Cable
•       Installation Manual

Our DIY Kit is the key that lets 2011 Mac mini owners make their mini ‘less mini’ on drive capacity.” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing.

For those still not convince they can do it themselves, there is a DIFY [Do It For You] option for $99 and it will be professionally installed.  For more information on OWC and the DIY Kit, visit their official site.

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Chastity “NuyoRiqueña” Irizarry is the Executive Editor of Nfamous Gamers and Video Games and Technology Editor for Opposing Views.  You can follow her onTwitter and read more at NuyoRiqueña.


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