'Snapchat Leaked' Allows People to Upload Embarrassing Photos

The Snapchat app became popular as it allows photos to be sent to a person and deleted after 10 seconds. Many have used the app to send naked pictures of themselves to others, believing the image is safe because it will be deleted.

But the purpose of Snapchat was defeated after people figured out you could simply take a screenshot of the picture and save it. While Snapchat does notify the sender if you take a screenshot, there is no telling what the person who took the screenshot will do with the photo.

Now, many of those photos might be uploaded onto a new Facebook page called "Snapchat Leaked." It posts hundreds of pornographic and embarrassing photos of Snapchat users without their permission.

The site categorizes the images into "Women," "Men," "Sexy," and "Stupid."

It already gained 500,000 likes in less than 20 hours, but has been temporarily shut down due to bullying.

"Facebook has unpublished our page due to users using the page to 'bully' others," Snapchat Leaked said. "We are working with Facebook on this issue."

Their site, snapchatleaked.com, also appears to be down. 

It seems to be a copycat of "revenge porn" sites that have become popular over the years, with upset exes uploading naked photos and other intimate material of their prior lovers. 

There was also a Tumblr page called "Snapchat Sluts" which published pictures of Snapchat users. The site claimed they only published photos that were submitted by the people pictured. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro


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