Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel Apologizes For Offensive 'Idiotic' Frat Emails


Evan Spiegel, the 23-year-old CEO and cofounder of Snapchat, said he’s mortified by the offensive emails he sent in college and they “don’t reflect my views towards women.”

Spiegel was the social chair of the Kappa Sigma fraternity at Stanford University. Sordid emails he wrote during that time were obtained by ValleyWag's Sam Biddle and they show a much different side of the $2 billion photo app's fresh-faced CEO. Here are a few of his statements in those emails:

“Hope at least six girl [sic] sucked your dicks last night. Cuz that didn’t happen for me.”

“Did I just pee on Lily … the back of her shirt is soaked.”

“See everyone on the blackout express soon.”

“Drunk sex would be a ton of fun right now.”

“Shopping list: 1 ounce of marijuana, 1 kilo of blow … I’ll roll a blunt for whoever sees the most tits tonight.”

“Papa Spiegel [a high-powered L.A. lawyer] is liable for underage drinking, he’s cool with it ... ”

Spiegel told Business Insider that he’s embarrassed by the “idiotic emails.”

"I'm obviously mortified and embarrassed that my idiotic emails during my fraternity days were made public,” he wrote. “I have no excuse. I'm sorry I wrote them at the time and I was jerk to have written them. They in no way reflect who I am today or my views towards women."

Sam Biddle says the emails are an important reminder of just who is being worshipped in Silicon Valley.

“But if the bazillions swirling around tech companies and their boy-king founders is going to continue to flow, we need to remind ourselves who exactly these kids are,” Biddle wrote. “And maybe, upon reflection, maybe, offering billions of dollars to children is not always prudent.”

Sources: ValleyWag, Business Insider


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