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‘The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary’ Video Game Lets Users Storm Virtual Classrooms With An AR-15 Assault Rifle

A disturbing new video game titled "The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary” has understandably caused outrage.

The game reportedly directs players to storm virtual classrooms with an AR-15 assault rifle in the same manner as Adam Lanza and displays a kill ratio at the end, according to Hearst Connecticut Newspapers. The release of the game comes less than a month before the first anniversary of the tragedy that left 26 dead, including 20 children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

“It’s absolutely disgusting that somebody thinks this is funny,” Donna Soto, whose 27-year-old daughter Victoria died while shielding students from gunfire, told Hearst Connecticut Newspapers. “We’re all suffering. All the families are suffering. We’re coming up on December. My daughter’s birthday just passed. It just adds insult to the suffering that we’re dealing with. It’s just incomprehensible that someone would think this kind of thing is wanted.”

WTNH reportedly contacted the site where the game was available and it has since been taken down. The station didn’t name the site, but was told the following:

"It's like YouTube (although we existed before YouTube), anyone can publish here instantly. Your news, however is by choice, so you should choose whether you really need to show this to the Sandy Hook victims."

The Huffington Post reports that the game is credited to Ryan Jake Lambourn, according to the National Review. A tweet from an account apparently belonging to Lambourn said the game is "about importance of gun control (sic)".

Sources: Huffington Post, Hearst Connecticut Newspapers, WTNH


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