"Silent Camera" Apps Leading to Voyeurism

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In the old days, cameras made some kind of noise when the shutter opened and a photo was snapped. Now in the days of digital photography, a shutter-like noise is manufactured. But new apps are available for smartphones to make that noise go away, and it is leading to an increase of voyeurism.

The Daily Mail reports on a story in the Mercury News, which says in Japan, for example, cases of illicit photographs have increased 60% over the past five years to 1,741 in 2011.

There are dozens of apps available for Android and the iPhone. Some of them are particularly sneaky -- they place a phony email or website on the screen as the photographer snaps the picture of his (or her; they do it, too!) unsuspecting victim. 

Many in Japan are calling for regulation of such apps, saying they are being used in crimes.


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