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SideWays System Can Track Shoppers' Eye Movements, Create Ads (Video)

Scientists in the Europe have found a way to track people's eye movements as they shop  (video below).

According to theInternational Business Times, a new advertising screen can track eye movements and show advertisements that are in tune with the products being looked at.

The SideWays system was invented by Andreas Bulling of the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, along with Yanxia Zhang and Hans Gellersen of the Lancaster University in Lancashire, UK.

The SideWays system will also scroll without customers having to touch the screen.  The scroll feature works by following the eyes.

Previous eye-tracking systems have had problems "because people always have to go through this calibration procedure. It's time-consuming and annoying," Bulling told the BBC. "Eye-tracking is definitely something that is currently a hot topic. It is really gaining momentum. I fully expect this technology to become available widely in the near future."

"The system uses a single ordinary camera that is placed close to the screen," added Bulling. "So we don't need any additional equipment. The system detects the faces of people walking by and calculates where the eyes are, relative to the eye corners."

The SideWays system, which is expected in stores in five years, can track the eyes of 14 people at the same time.

Source: International Business Times and BBC


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