'Secretbook' Allows You to Write Secret Messages in Facebook Pictures


Millions of people already spend hours posting pictures on Facebook and now there is a new gadget to help them waste even more time on the popular social media site.

A new browser extension called "Secretbook" allows users to encode secret messages in Facebook pics, reports Wired.

Secretbook was released this week by Owen Campbell-Moore, an Oxford University computer science student and former intern at Google,

Secretbook only works on a Google Chrome browser and messages can only be up to 140 characters.

Secretbook allows you to share messages hidden in pixels in JPEG images that are uploaded to Facebook without even Facebook or the U.S. government knowing what you wrote, reports WTKR.com.

The only way to unlock the "steganographic message" is via a password that the user creates. Facebook cannot read the message because Secretbook doesn’t use a Facebook API key, says its 21-year-old creator.

“A researcher could certainly build a simple system for detecting which images have secret messages hidden in them although they would first require access to all 300+ million photos being uploaded to Facebook every day,” Campbell-Moore. “Which I suspect even the NSA doesn’t currently have, and performing detection on that scale would be very difficult.”

Sources: Wired and WTKR.com


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