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Seagate Offers to Pay for the Best Resolution

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Social media may be "new" but in the time-honored tradition of the popularity contest, Seagate is giving its Facebook fans an opportunity to turn that popularity into some pretty amazing goodies!  They are currently running a photo submission contest through their Facebook page. The contest is so simple people would be silly not to take part.  Here's the gist - Seagate products are so fast, you will have a lot of free time to do all the fun things you want because you won't have to sit and wait for your data to transfer. 

How will you spend all the extra free time?

To enter the contest, submit a photo of what you are going to be doing with that “free time”. The photo with the most votes will win a Sony VAIO laptop and a travel voucher worth $2000 towards any destination in the US!

I personally think the 1.5 TB GoFlex™ for Mac® Ultra-portable Drive is a sexy beast and will one day be mine.  I used Seagate products all through school and the only time I lost a project was because I forgot to transfer it from the workstation to my external - the school removes all projects every night.  Lesson learned.  Given the importance of those projects, the increase in digital media (for me its my photos, articles and reseach), and decrease in real estate, reliable storage has become a necessity. 

So go enter!  Send me the links to your photos so I can vote for you.  Good luck!


Chastity Irizarry is the Founder and President of Gamers United, a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization, Executive Editor of Nfamous Gamers, Executive Producer for the gamer-friendly rap trio, Broken Pixels, and the Los Angeles Chapter president of the Entertainment Consumers Association. She is often identified by her gamertag and screen name, NuyoRiqueña. Follow her on Twitter @NuyoRiquena


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