San Francisco Fire Dept. Bans Helmet Cam, Exposed Truth About Asiana Passenger's Death (Video)


The San Francisco Fire Department has banned helmet cameras, which accurately recorded how firefighters accidentally ran over and killed Ye Meng Yuan, a passenger from the Asiana Airlines plane crash on July 6.

A video recorded by San Francisco Battalion Chief Mark Johnson’s helmet camera showed a foam truck running over Yuan, who was alive, but underneath some foam, following the crash.

San Francisco Fire Department Chief Joanne Hayes-White is banning helmet cameras over supposed concerns of privacy, noted KTVU (video below).

However, neither firefighters or the victims of the crash have publicly complained about their privacy being violated.

“Why would anybody not want to know the truth? What’s wrong with knowing what happened? What’s wrong with keeping people honest? That’s what the helmet cam did, in effect, in this case,” Anthony Tarricone, an attorney for Ye’s family, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Black Firefighters Association President Kevin Smith added: “The department should develop a progressive policy to use this tool in a way that is beneficial and not simply restrict its use. We are public servants, we serve the public. Why be secretive?”

Sources: San Francisco Chronicle and KTVU


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