Samsung's New Galaxy S IV Smartphone Features Navigation Without Touch


Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy S IV smartphone in Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Thursday.

According to, the Galaxy S IV has new software that challenges Apple's iPhone.

The Galaxy S IV has a feature called 'Air Gesture,' which allows people to navigate their phone without actually touching the device.

The Samsung 'Smart Scroll' enables users to scroll without touching the screen by tracking the users' eyes to tell where they are looking.

'Smart Pause' tracks when a user is watching something on their phone so that it can pause the media when a user looks away.

Samsung also introduced several new features for its new handset: a 13-mega pixel rear camera and a 2-mega pixel front facing camera.

A feature called 'Sound and Shot' will allow users to send still images with voice messages and the 'Drama Shot' feature lets users take up to 100 photographs in four seconds.

There is also a function that enables users to create photo albums automatically based on geo-tagging information and their timeline.

The 'Dual Camera' function allows users to take pictures with both the rear camera and the front facing camera at the same time, enabling the person taking the picture to be in the image they are shooting.

Samsung also added a translating app that features nine languages. Users can type a sentence into the phone and select the language they want to translate it to and the device will speak the translation.

There is also a function called 'Samsung Knox,' which allows users to keep their personal and work profiles separate.

The Galaxy S IV supports 4G LTE, has near-field communication (NFC) technology and supports WiFi as well as Bluetooth 4.0.

Samsung did not reveal a price for the new handset, but carriers confirm that it will become available in the coming weeks.



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