Samsung Unable to Use Sci-Fi Clips in Court Case Against Apple

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Samsung continues to struggle in its battle with Apple over tablet patents. The evidence the company can use against Apple is limited, making Samsung’s fight even more difficult.

The company has been getting creative with potential evidence choices. Most recently, it attempted to use telling scenes from sci-fi movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and television show The Tomorrow People.

The two scenes Samsung attempted to use showcased a digital tablet, similar to the iPad. They hoped it could prove the iPad was not an original creation.

On Thursday, Judge Lucy Koh issued multiple rulings limiting the forms of evidence Samsung can use. Unfortunately for them, the sci-fi clips fail to qualify as evidence.

This is one of the many in Samsung’s string of denied evidence. They recently claimed Apple was influenced by a similar Sony tablet, a 1994 tablet designed by Roger Fidler, and the Compaq TC1000. Koh said Thursday that Samsung could not use the Sony-inspired tablet designs as evidence, but could use the Compaq and Fidler tablet to argue “that Apple’s patents are invalid.” The two tablets can not be used as part of Samsung’s claim that it did not infringe on Apple’s patents, however.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab has been banned off and on throughout Europe and Australia because of its resemblance to the iPad. Reuters reported the two are so similar that a Samsung attorney couldn't tell the difference between them. Koh asked a lawyer during court if they could tell which tablet was which, they responded by stating, "Not at this distance, your honor."

The trial will resume on Friday. Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller is set to return to the witness stand after his brief testament on Tuesday.

See the two sci-fi clips Samsung wished to use in court below:


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