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Samsung Galaxy Pink Phone: Patronizing to Women?

Samsung has introduced a pink Galaxy S II smartphone that is clearly aimed at women. Right now the device is only sold in South Korea, and at least one tech writer hopes it stays there.

Nicole Scott writes for

I don’t know about you, but Pink gadgets bug me, I get that some women like Pink, but the thought of pulling out a Pink device in a business setting makes me cringe.  Women have fought long and hard for respect in the workplace. I find my self asking, do we really want to undermine that with little girl accessories?  Unless these devices are being aimed at children or are in support of breast cancer I’m not convinced that its right that women be assigned one color from the whole beautiful rainbow.

This defender of women then goes on to insult an entire continent of women, claiming:

I know that in Asia women identify with cute... where grown women freak out like 5 year olds in Hello Kitty stores.

In any case, the pink phone is not available here. And if it ever is, it is doubtful that Nicole Scott will be waiting on line to buy one.

Thanks to Chip Chick for the heads up on this story


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