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Roman Pirozek Killed by His Remote-Controlled Helicopter, Severed Part of Skull

Roman Pirozek Jr. was accidentally killed by his remote-controlled helicopter at a Brooklyn park today when the small chopper struck and killed him.

The model helicopter, which is worth about $2,000, cut off the top of his head.

The 19 year old's father Roman Pirozek Sr. watched in horror as his son was critically injured and died on the scene from his injuries.

A police source told the Wall Street Journal that "[Pirozek] was known to be aggressive in his flying and often executed tricks. He was executing a trick when he was struck."

Pirozek was dead when police arrived at the park.

He had posted several videos (below) of himself flying RC helicopters on YouTube and recently participated in a demonstration in Delaware.

Pirozek's family said his father introduced him to remote-controlled helicopters.

Sources: Wall Street Journal and YouTube


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