Robert Couturier’s Invention ‘The Boot’ Helps Protect School Classrooms


School classroom safety is a concern, but some worries might be eased thanks to the invention of “The Boot” by a Michigan man.

Rob Couturier, the owner of The Lockdown Co., is the inventor of the product, which is a steel boot that takes almost no time for a teacher to install, according to WLNS. Couturier, who said the idea came to him after the tragic school shootings in Connecticut, also had a strong personal reason for creating the product.

"My daughter was attacked, brutally, in our small town. And when she went back to college, I felt that I needed to come up with something to keep her safe in her dorms and apartments and things like that," Couturier said.

The steel boot at the bottom of the door can withstand 16,000 pounds of pressure, 8,000 per pin, and this will keep any door at school safe from intruders.

"All the school teacher has to do, is pretty much grab the handle, shut the door, and install the boot," Couturier told WLNS.

Last month, reported that a Northern Michigan school district is using the product.

“I thought it was impressive. I thought it was simple and I thought that it really would provide a high degree of safety for our staff and our kids,” Northport School Superintendent Jeff Tropf said.

The school board adopted the plan to install the boots for an estimated $16,000.

WLNS adds that schools across Michigan already have it in classrooms and Couterior wants it in schools around the country.

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