'Riaiyuu Coat' Mimics Hugs of Girlfriend


For single men who miss having a girlfriend to hug, a recent Japanese invention may be the cure, as it creates a hug inside of a jacket.

The "Riajyuu Coat" was made by engineers at the University of Tsukuba, and is designed to make lonely people feel like they have someone to cuddle.

It comes with a belt that tightens up to create the sensation of being hugged from behind.

The wearer also puts headphones on that play phrases like, "I'm sorry, were you waiting?" and "Watch your back!"

After the headphones play a phrase, the belt tightens up to feel like a hug.

Developer Maito Omari said he was inspired to create it because he likes it when his girlfriend hugs him and misses it when he doesn't have a significant other.

"If I have a girlfriend I think it is a good situation that she suddenly hugs me when I wait for her at the station," Omari said. "The concept of this device is everyone can get the feeling of having a girlfriend."

What makes it even more unique is that the coat looks like an ordinary jacket.

"It looks like a normal coat at first. Users wear this coat, fasten the belt and wear the headphones," software engineer Kota Shinbayashi said. "In the waist, the system of the winding belt is attached. This makes the feeling that is like girlfriend hugs."

Japan is currently on a roll of making artificial human interactions, as it recently created a set of robotic buttocks that simulates the responses of muscles when being smacked. 

The Tokyo University of Electro-Communications is also working on a kissing simulator.

For now, the Riaiyuu Coat is not being sold.

Sources: Counsel Heal, Daily Mail,Foreign Policy


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