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Rep. John Shimkus Spreads 'Obama Giving Away Internet' Conspiracy Theory (Audio)

The conservative American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and some Republicans have been spreading a conspiracy theory that President Obama may give away control of the Internet to countries or organizations that are hostile to the U.S.

According to, this theory has been debunked many times. recently reported that the US Commerce Department said it would not allow the Internet to be turned over to specific countries or groups that oppose the US.

The US Commerce Department is transitioning some parts of the web from ICANN to a non-profit charity, to be named, which has been the plan of the US since 1998.

Ignoring the facts, Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) recently jumped on the Internet-Obama conspiracy theory train (audio below).

During a radio interview with conservative Frank Gaffney, who has also spread this Internet rumor, Rep. Shimkus worried about "totalitarian regimes taking over” the Internet, reports

"Do we risk a totalitarian regime taking over this process?" said Rep. Shimkus. "We've had state actors shut down social media, whether it's Iran or Russia cyber attacks, and that's of great concern."

Rep. Shimkus forgot to mention how the US launched its own cyber attacks via the NSA, which happened over 200 times in just 2011, reported The Washington Post.

Rep. Shimkus is far less worried about the effects of global warming, which he claimed wouldn't destroy the earth because "God promised Noah," noted the Daily Mail.

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