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"Rent-a-Boyfriend" Service Popping Up in China

A company in China is now selling fake boyfriends for those women who are returning home for the Lunar New Year holiday and want to avoid being nagged by parents about finding a partner. 

It's not just for the holiday, but Lunar New Year is expected to be the company's busiest time, as this is a day where young people are expected to visit their family members. 

"Young people both want to go home yet are afraid to go home," said Meng Guangyong, 29, owner of the boyfriend-broker business. "If they haven't found a partner yet, when they go home parents will nag them or send them on blind dates or find someone to introduce them to people."

While selling kisses, affection, and dates does not seem to be very family-oriented, the service actually helps young singles address traditional values like respecting their elders and meeting their demand to find a mate. 

An ad for the site reads: "Not getting any younger and still dreading facing the nagging parents? Need a boyfriend to face the family? Your parents worked so hard to raise you, bringing a boyfriend home is the best way to repay them."

Finding love in the highly populated country has grown more difficult as many young people are working long hours, leaving their stable hometowns for bigger cities, and living among strangers. 

As the economy has grown over the last few decades, so have the expectations for marital partners. 

Men are struggling to provide the things they are expected to provide in a marriage, like a house, a car, and a good job. 

These difficulties result in many young women being called "shengnu," or "leftover women," after they turn 27 and are still single. 

"It's not like in the West where the individual is very independent, and their love life has nothing to do with their parents," Guangyong said. "China cares more about the family point of view. Parents must be made happy."

People interested in getting a fake boyfriend can purchase a whole package for 1,000 yuan, which includes chatting, eating a meal, and talking to elders. 

For an extra fee, the fake boyfriend will hold hands, hug and kiss. 



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