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'Pure' App Will Hook People Up for Sex Only

For people who don't want to bother with flirting or conversation, and head straight for sex with a willing stranger, a new app called "Pure" will be released next week.

Pure asks users their gender, age, appearance, location and availability, and then shows some potential partners which the user can check as "Okay" or "No Way."

Pure, which has no profiles or chatting about romance, is still awaiting approval from Apple's App store.

The no-strings-attached sex app was created by Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko.

"We wanted an easy way to find sex, basically. It’s very interesting to see what Fifty Shades of Gray did for the pleasure-products industry. When that book became a monster hit, it became okay to talk about BDSM stuff. It became okay to buy sex toys. This is the way the dating industry will be changed," Sidorenko told New York Magazine.

Pure will charge $9.99 for a day pass of unlimited requests.

Source: New York Magazine


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