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Photos: Google Headquarters More Like Adult Playground than Workplace

Google receives a resume every 25 seconds, and it is no wonder as the headquarters seems to be an adult playground.

Filled with nap pods, arcade games and massage and pool tables, the Google headquarters is unlike any other workplace.

On top of the entertainment options the company offers, they also offer free gourmet food. The meals are so good that employees have coined the term 'the Google 15' to refer to the average 15 pounds gained after being hired.

They also offer electric scooters for employees to get around.

"It's almost impossible to find a perk that Google doesn't offer its employees," said Fortune Magazine senior writer, Adam Lashinsky. "It's the kind of place where, yes, you're going to work, but you also know you're going to have a fun time as well."

More perks include free haircuts, dry cleaning and laundry, child care, car services and five on-site doctors — all free.

Those with dogs can even bring their four-legged friends to work.

The homey and relaxing feel of the office makes many employees never want to leave.

"Everyone works hard, everyone plays hard and everyone is happy this way," said Corin Anderson, a Google software engineer.

John Dickman, a Google Global Food Manager, said, "It's a lot like a college atmosphere."

The company was founded in September 1998, and since then has grown to have more than 30,000 employees worldwide. 

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